Preparing for Jumpnet & Scaling

So…..What is Jumpnet?

Jumpnet is Enjin’s introduction to scaling and reducing gas fees for ERC1155 tokens. Expected to launch April 6th.

Full details can be found at the link below:

It is an optional solution for Enjin developers. We at Spirit Clash WILL use Jumpnet. Let me explain why, and how.

Quick Summary

The NFTs you have now are on the Ethereum chain, which requires gas to interact with. Items created with Jumpnet won’t require any fees to mint, trade, or sell.

That’s right.

Lunar Oath

Our upcoming booster pack sale will fully utilize Jumpnet. When you buy a pack of cards, they will go to your collection online. You will be able to use and test the cards immediately in-game, but will require some internal testing before the cards are minted and tradable.

When Jumpnet is released, we will begin minting the cards from the Lunar Oath set.

What will happen to my cards that I have right now?

You will have the option to send your current cards over to Jumpnet to utilize the zero transaction fees. We will do our part in sending what we still have as well. But Lunar Oath and everything in the future will utilize Jumpnet.

The release of Jumpnet is highly anticipated, and we will be working closely with Enjin to implement the new tech as it becomes available. However, this does not define Spirit Clash. We will continue pushing and developing despite any delays or roadblocks in our path.

Stay tuned for our upcoming article outlining our first official season: Lunar Oath

Blockchain TCG built on Ethereum, powered by Enjin

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